"Hawaiian Fisherman" Wood Block Print by Charles W Bartlett, 1919

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Birthday Moon: Mahina in Gemini

Here's the view from the window at our heads in the vardo.

Outside the Tree Nation is lit with Mahina's brilliance

Clouds hold space for the Gemini Moon after the deep and steady emptying of rain

Beautiful the moon in her Gemini Holoku. Mahalo nui e Mahina

It's been awhile since I've been here to blog about counting on the moon. I have been here, and here and there paying attention to life on Earth while she travels around the sun with the moon, Mahina, always a constant partner.

All day yesterday the sky opened up with 'ua ka lani plenty of rain, thunder for extra elemental presence and humidity tempting 100%. So late in the evening when I could not quiet my mind and heart, stirred by thinking and emotions that wanting attention, I walked across the puddle-thick forest floor and sat at the screen. There was one beautiful message from our dear Margaret (Pete's sister). Her message was an unexpected birthday gift of stories and examples of how their parents' examples of "being a cover for the other" imprinted her.(Sun and Moon).

While I have been away from this blog the events and experiences of life on the planet have kept things interested. With a new solar year, beginning for me and a new Makahiki already begun I found my astrology newsletter for today from Elsa P. Here's part of what she had to say about today's Gemini Moon:

" We wake with the Moon in Gemini bothered by Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto form a second T-square. 
Heck yeah, people are scrambling.
  • They are weighing options (Jupiter in Libra).
  • They are considering commitment (Venus in Capricorn).
  • They are thinking independently and may be open-minded (Mars sextile Mercury in Sagittarius).
  • They are working to frame their story (Saturn in Sagittarius).
None of this is inherently bad, but it's certainly a lot to do.  It may be time to retire the word "slacker". " ElsaElsa Newsletter
If the flavor of today's moon is a snapshot of what my new year will be like I will continue to be one busy old woman. Many blessings to you readers who count on the moon from where you are on Earth. May you be surrounded with people who share your values doing good work together having lots of fun. (Thank you to Aurora Levins Morales for that line which she put in her book Kindling when she described her Cubana psychiatrist's final prescription. Now that is solidarity in a healthcare system!)
Still present and visible with Kala the Sun sharing the sky ... good company the Tree Nation, Mahina, Kala, and the bowl of a sky 

Friday, May 13, 2016

'Ole Moons: early blossoms, bees, fruit setting

Sorry to be absent for so long. Mahina continues her constant journey with us Earth walkers, and life continues to be a miracle. 

 Warm weather has brought flowers and honey bees to the berry bushes in the woods. Seems a little early for fruit to be setting.
If you look closely (on the left) you'll see one of the busy honey bees working at collecting nectar

Mid-morning and the birds have been up for hours. The woods are ringing with their songs and trills. A very gentle breeze moves through the orchard. The tide is rising to high at the shore. I wonder who is feeding at the Muliwai?

Friday, March 18, 2016

Huna Sunrise, E Ala E and Spring Equinox Ka Piko o Wakea

This morning's sunrise was brilliant orange spread across the stand of La'au Nui, Tall Trees of the woods. Tomorrow night the Spring Equinox, Ka Piko O Wakea brings equal light and dark. My family and I prepare for ceremony. READ MORE HERE.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Other Kilo for Nana

We have had the rainiest winter on record in the Pacific Northwest. Three big wind storms in the past two weeks with lots of downed trees on South Whidbey, power outages for hours at a time; and floods that many of the locals have never seen here in their memory.

As I write, the rains turned to a sudden harsh hailstorm, then back to rain.

Pollens are plentiful, the orchard is pruned (apple), the plums are in full blossom. The Salmon Berry bushes are blossoming, and a few starting to set fruit.

Temperatures up and down with highs in high 50's on some days, and then down to high 30's at night. So the month is 'activated' (Nana means "to activate") and pretty erratic

Brackens are starting to makawalu.

Raspberry canes are greening up after a light pruning.

Chickens are laying eggs again, yeah!
Apple and Cherry getting ready to blossom

Blossoms in the background are plums, Elder berry is greening up in front

The Girls: Rygel closest, Butterscotch the golden one with head down, Pepper the speckled one
Rygel lays the speckled egg, Butterscotch the light brown and Pepper lays the dark brown. All of them unbeatably delicious eggs.
Raspberry canes leafed out and spreading roots

Kilo for Nana (Atmospheric activities for the month of Nana)

Kalei Nu'uhiwa posted to the 'Aimalama Facebook page. Saying it was a little late, but, the new Malama (Month) of Nana began on March 8, 2016. Here is part of the message she left, and relates to the upcoming Spring Equinox (Saturday, March 19, 2016 for Seattle) and Lunar Eclipse  on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Kalei's kilo is based on Hawaiian Time, if you live somewhere else, make the necessary time adjustments. 

"Atmospheric activities we can expect are: Piko o Wākea - Equinox scheduled to happen on our heiau between  March 20-22. We also have a partial lunar eclipse scheduled to begin on March 22nd at 11:30pm, will peak around 1:45am on the 23rd and end around 4:00am the 23rd. Check out the website below for more information. Hawaiian names for lunar eclipses are Pō uli, Mahina Uli, Mahina ʻUla & Malama ʻUla. Chant to pray for health during a lunar eclipse: 
I Hiʻiaka paha ʻoe i Hiʻialo, I Kakahiaka nei, I ka lāʻau a ke kaukau aliʻi, I nui ke aho, A hiki i mauli ola, I ola iā Mahina uli, I ola iā Mauli ola ē." 
Mahalo e Kalei!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Clouds move

Woke to this cloud family, within minutes the sky was a solid blanket no blue in sight. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Akua Po just after midnight

From the orchard in the woods, with the light of Mahina on my lolo ... Mahalo Akua, Thank you!!